HELLO October with all your beauty and splendor! We welcome you to grace us with beauty in exploding color, bountiful harvests,cool evenings and gentle warm days!

We love your yearly visit and wish you could stay longer, but because you cannot, you are a well anticipated friend!  You come and leave us with many gifts of beauty  that last until the next season.

Speaking of harvest, my sketch book and photo library of the summer with all of the memories  are ready to give birth to new works of art. Gathering wild grapes, walnuts, sumac, beets are a few of the natural things for dying more wool. A fall evening in the studio with a candle glowing in the corner, soft music as the kettles set the color for one of a kind pieces of dyed wool are inviting me to play once again.

Designs for new totes, art clothes and accessories will be available at Artist North in Charlevoix in the coming months. Please stop by and attend our Gallery Walk Friday October 9  from 5:00 – 8:00, meet the artist and enjoy the warm hospitality and beautiful art.

In conjunction with True North Design and Antiques in Petoskey, I will be demonstrating rug hooking with kits available for purchase. It is my favorite shop in Northern Michigan as well as great friends, something new and exciting all of the time. Go to their Face Book page and stay posted! Thank you CJ and Dan!

Share with us your gathered memories, treasures and we can help you with your new creation!

Enjoy and welcome October!

Warmly,     DeEtta






When was the last time you really felt tranquil?

Tranquility is a state of peacefulness that transcends you to your inner self. It is such an important part of who we are and what we need, not only for our health but also our creativity. Take the time to go away to a quiet place and meet with your self! Here is the gold mine of creativity. For each one of us it is a haven for whatever we are seeking to create a balance in our lives.

I took this time frequently this summer not far from home to listen and touch the beauty all around me. I discovered so much: clouds in another whole way, trickling streams n rivers, the feel of stones on my bare feet,color, new friends and trying new ways to express myself through art.

This peacefulness is a new way of really seeing what I am looking at.  Taking in what is right near me and inspiring. The creek that flows through the Jordon Valley here in Northern Michigan whispers in my memory so vivid and real that it allows me enter my creative world that I am looking to discover. Another part of who is “ME” !

This summer the dye pots revealed a new joy and also simple pieces of hooking that make me happy and creative in a new way!

Take the time to discover “YOU”  in your time away!

Share the difference in your art with us here on my blog! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Keep being inspired and enjoy the art of Hooking!



Discovery….. inspiration from guests, friends and local fair!

I decided to stay right here..and spend my vacation close to home, and what a good time..it is not over yet!

If you are not from Michigan…hold up your left hand , palm down, travel up around the Pinkie up the side of the ring finger. up to the nail…..here is my location at the studio, over  and around the nail, up over the middle finger and north east into Lake Huron.   This were all the discovery and fun has taken place. That is how we describe “OUR Michigan” !

This includes Traverse City and the peninsula, up to Norwood and Charlevoix, north to Petoskey and over to Mackinaw Island. Every day was a new adventure nd discovery right here at home! New restaurants,  entertainment and new friends!

Time walking on the beach, hunting Petoskey Stones, concerts, poetry at Stone Circle, welcomed my new great grandson, Kristophar Cash, time with grand children and great grand children, canning, over night guests, kayaking, tubeing, dye class, “uncorked” painting class at the studio, antique shows, sunsets ……..!

I must say it has been one of the best summers of my life discovering right at home!

To top it off, new  friends have been made: Sharon Smithem, Ray and Tami Bier, Kathie and Steve Liebert, Tami Watson Small and Louise, Glory Wood, Steve, Julie and Cyd, friends at True North, what a wonderful gathering of talented people.

Judith came for 11 days from Va. and the time just flew by…crafting in the studio, dying wool, designing patterns, resaling, picking berries, creating fun summer meals, painting.

It is no wonder I sleep so well at night! Life could not be better!

Many inspirations for fall and winter classes gathered from summer inspiration!


Fall classes will begin soon:

Beginning Hooking Schedule:  Flower Table Matt with Fringed Edge

Wednesdays 1:30 – 4:00

Sept 9 and 30, Oct 7, 21, 28


6 Week Hooking Class for the Seasoned Hooker:

Designing, color planning, hooking a Christmas rug for personal Christmas Card!

Time to think about how to wish family and friends a Christmas Greeting! classes run 6 weeks onThursdays from 10:00 – 2:00

Sept 10, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29th.

please sign up by email or calling the studio at 941-740-4019

Another dye class will be offered in October for those of you that missed the summer class.

I will be Partnering up with CJ at True North for some classes in small hooking and sewing projects. Info will be posted at a later date. CJ is located in Petoskey just south of the light at Bay Harbor in the plaza! Wonderful sore full of creativity, antiques and clothing!

Artists North is rolling along with new artists and a variety of very nice art, all Michigan artist. Watch for our Gallery Walks and visit any time: Artists North.com

Creativity is just around the corner, view your photos from summer and get inspired!

To be continued!

DeEtta !


FINSIHING IDEA :  Spray your hooked piece with Lavender water, smells wonderful and keeps the bugs ways.. press… Fresh!




And Happy we are!!!   Girl fun, girl play, girl creativity!

We started the morning off with some color theory in understanding color and the color wheel.  Terminology of describing color and how we use it for everything in life. “The brain rejects what is not in balance”, but what do we do to balance it? We played with wool, color charts and dyes, first understanding  our base color and design on the wool.  The pots were boiling, the oven on and everyone was anxious to play. Aprons on, loud chatter, oohs and ahhs and ready to go!

We used 3 of the many methods for dying: spot dying in the oven, trans dying in a pan and set in the oven, and stove top in a large kettle.  The results were wonderful and like children, they absorbed new and some complex techniques , even while the chatter and laughter were non stop!

Happy Hookers!

Their creations of art where hung on the line and modeled for all! Looking forward to see how they use the wool in their hooking!

Great day, Holly, Deb, Marlene, Kathy and Ellen! We will dye happy!

New dye classes with natural ingredients will follow.



When hooking a portrait you will need more values than you think.Being able to dye your own wool as you need it keeps you moving along without waiting to have it done for you.
Dying is an art in itself and the possibilities are endless.A dye pot or two and few simple colors to mix gives you the values you need. You do not need to use flesh tones to do a portrait as long as you can SEE what you are looking at. That is different values and where they are placed.
In this self portrait I started with hooking the eyes and found that my eyes were not drawn in the right placement apart from the nose, so lesson number one. Really look at everything to be sure they are placed right. I hooked the lids first and then moved to the iris and then the pupil.
If you turn your photo upside down and not concentrate on the full face, you can see the direct spot that you are hooking and is easier to focus the value of the area to be worked.
Look where your light source is coming from. In this case the left side of the face and the highest point which is the bridge of the nose would be hooked in lightest values.The cheeks are also a light value but somewhat darker than the bridge of the nose as they are lower and so on.
The real key to study and really “see” what you are looking at.Once you train your eye to do this you are on your way to understanding value!


There will be an all day dyeing class at the studio and you will learn 3 methods of dying and you may choose to do one of each or or your favorite. You will go home with 1 1/2 yards of dyed wool from your color choice!

Registration is required and limited to 6 people. An additional class can be scheduled with over flow.
Thursday July 9
10:00 – 4:00
$75.00 includes instruction, wool and dye.

Bring an apron, notebook and a sack lunch



Some wool, linen and cotton fibers dyed in the colors of my spring gardens! It was fun to go through the shelves and drawers of wool thread and Dreads to begin another project. Some times creativity begins this way.

I spent the morning shopping for shrubs, annuals and a few perennials to add texture and color to the studios well established flower beds. What fun looking and touching and creating a new theme for this year. The already blooming Forget Me Nots, Pink and white Bleeding Hearts, Primrose, Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, Bearded Iris  will welcome the new additions. Gardening for me is much like designing a new Hooked project. Color and texture get me really going. So in conjunction with the out of doors, another piece will be on the loom and in progress.

As a member of Artists North , the finished pieces of fiber will be displayed and for sale at the Art Center. Please stop by when in Charlevoix. The address is 17959 Ferry Road. you will enjoy many talented artist in residence here in Norwood’s historic Inwood Corners. Be sure and visit Biers Gallery housed in the red school house down the hill.

To top the day off I stopped at a new shop south of Petoskey and filled a few empty spaces in the car,plants, antiques, cloth napkins and a new blouse! Thank you C.J.

Another beautiful day spent with friends and laughs from one of my partners in crime!

Off to hooking outside with the views of June in Bloom!


Wiggle Bird

Wiggle Bird

Wiggle Bird

An old pattern that just is fun an light hearted to do. I love the folk art and bright colors that bring whimsey to the art piece. It so fun to create and see just what flows from the mood you are in. Art is an expression of your soul and is it always in the same place? This is the dance of life!

Well the studio is organized and cleaned with fresh hangings and furniture arrangement (nothing new for me)! I will go down in the archives as a person who changes her furniture every week. YES! It is creating for me.

Artist North is a group of artist who gather at a wonderful building with views of Lake Michigan and over looking the Charlevoix area. Stop by, you not only will enjoy the space created for us in nature but other artist who display and sell  their work as an addition to Baer Studio on 31 south of Charlevoix. Ray and Tammy are the most gracious people who live their art and share their life with all of us who are involved in this wonderful growing group of artists.

I will be demonstrating my form of fiber art, Hooking and welcoming guests that come from near and far. We hope to see you there, you cannot miss it! The red school house just 9 miles south of Charlevoix and north of Torch Lake.

Yes life is busy this time of year and I am getting the inside projects finished so I can get to the outside so everything is in order for guest to Fiddlehead Finery’s Studio.

I stacked a large pile of cut an split wood for the winter next year and raked my flower beds and everything is popping!  Windows washed, a new class has begun with dimensional hooking.  I love to see how these students just take off with color and texture and create their “own” design from my patterns as well as theirs. It is so wonderful to have this space called “Fiddlehead Finery” to share with creative people.

If you are traveling this spring or summer make sure you call and make a visit! All are welcome!

Have a great spring day. Off to hook on Wiggle Bird and have guests over that are going to the Trout Unlimited Banquet in Gaylord this evening. I am so looking forward to getting that line in the water again and enjoying the tranquil peace of a flowing river. Not to mention that special moment when I hook that beautiful fish. Admire him and probably let him go.

Next week I am heading to Alabama to visit good friends and take in the southern culture! I will keep you posted on the new activity that will transpire soon!

Take time to hook and smell the flowers.





On The Wooled Side !

Wild Side 2The gypsy has returned home from her Florida vending and vacation! I packed a lot into a short period of time and still enjoyed family and friends, sun and fun! A huge thank you to all the wonderful hosts and hostesses along the way, for safe travels and a successful trip! The Searsport Hook In was attended by 270 some , beautiful rugs, gorgeous wools, patterns, classes new and old friends. We only had one incident of concern and that was “Girls Gone Wooled” were ready to duke it out! I think over who wanted what? LOL. Thank you Mindi, Sharon an all! I am looking forward to coming to PA and holding you to your good word! I nearly have my class project ready for them to post for next year Hook IN. It’s all about fun and inspiration! Thank you everyone! Headed to Naples with friends and vended at the Naples Quilt show that was a great success. Reunited with old fiends, a nephew and girl friend and met new. Thank you Jeanetta for your hospitality an success of the show! Put the care in drive and headed north to family for a a couple of days of catching up, relaxation, sun and pool time! With inspiration and much laughter, the best medicine, there will be new events on the calendar her at Fiddlehead Finery! A 4 day workshop, “Designing a Folk Art Rug” will be hosted here with B & B accommodations. Learning the basics from start to finish using template or your own designs, color planning and hooking will be packed into your 4 day workshop. Now having all that said you will be staying in a Historical home furnished period antiques and beautiful yard, gardens and Lake Michigan sunsets! The first to be June 2 -5. Book with a group of , at the most 6 but not less than 5. You can contact: fiddleheadfinery@gmail.com or call :941-740-4019. Other upcoming classes: Wool applique Beginners Hooking Dye Class Understanding color and Value Check back on “Calendar” soon to schedule your spot! Out to the studio to wash 45 yards of newly purchased wool for your needs or just wants! DeEtta



Being in ones space alone, brings new beginnings by finishing what has already been started. This Magdalena Style Folk art rug was started last Feb and now finished and in it’s new home in the kitchen.Only the artist knows exactly what each figure stands for and how it was executed it on linen. A little help from Magdalena to get me thinking!

I love the folk art style as it goes against the grain of all that I have done because it gives me a new freedom to create “just because” and not because I think it all needs to be perfect.

Out the door with perfectionism when it comes to what I am aiming at in life and I am on a journey of discovery. One of creativity to see what is within my authentic self and find myself there.

These past few months have been difficult but so rewarding as time has given me the opportunity to see what is important and that is the JOURNEY!

“A Road Back To Yourself’ by Joan Anderson has encouraged me to take the break I need to regain my emotional balance not only in my personal world but my creative world. Life is to be enjoyed and now that the children have been gone for many years and have happy lives of their own, it is time to be for myself. I can communicate that in my hooking if I let go of all the expectations that life has had on me. What am I waiting for? Someone else’ demands or rigid ones I impose on myself?

In Joan’s words ” I have been rushing in a straight line, pushing forward in a straight line, pushing onward and upward to goals set most often by other people, against whom I’ve been measuring myself”.

The hooking world is one of the ways I can find what and who I am by this means of communicating. We are never there but I promise to learn from all heart ache, find the good, give thanks for the journey and embark on a new day!

There is much activity as I begin the packing for my trip south to vend and teach at Searsport Hook In  In Punta Gorda at the Charlotte Convention Center. New products will be available in my booth to embellish our rug hooking, from dyed ribbon, to DREADS and more. Thursday Feb 26 at 10:00 I will doing a demo for embellishing your rugs.

I will be vending at the Naples Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Naples on March 6 and 7. Try adding wool to your quilting… Do it just because you want to try it!

Off to the closet for summer clothes and a suit case !!!

See you soon!  DeEtta



My Creative Night In The Studio

IMG_1427Well I did have a nice creative night in the studio. I went to a basket of already cut noodles and found what inspired me for a tea cozy. I find I enjoy the spontainious  times more fulfilling. With needle and hook and leftover linen and a variety of colors I have a small tea cozy that I will enjoy for a long time.

I decided to make a 1 1/2 cup tea pot cozy instead of a large pot size. I only drink about the small one at a time any way. I used cording for the rounded edge which gives it a nice finished look. To ensure no backing is showing between the cording and hooking, from wrong side, press seam allowance to the middle of hooking. It snugs right up and fits nicely.

Now comes the job I really do not like doing but will not procrastinate in making the soft lining to hold the heat in. I sewed a double folded strip of wool in a loop to attach on top for removing.If you would like to do one, look in your craft box or drawer of little items, add a round curtain ring or bobble from a piece for broken jewelry.

well so far I have kept my promise to myself and post often. Now that I had my college student come give me a few lessons on posting I need to practice often and get it in the “brain”. I really am a right brained person and need to see what and how things need to be done….sooo, two so far!

hope everyone uses this “in time” to create and finish old projects and create new. I finished an over the door mat last night by finishing with crochet edge. It is a new pattern of mine called Enough For Two. It is two little foxes facing each other with a cherrie tree between them. This was inspired by 2 little guys who ran up and don the side of my street all summer long with no fear. The cherry orchards are just up the hill so it came to fruition!

Getting ready for my studio open house on Saturday from 1-3 so out there for the rest of the day to hang and arrange more mats and rugs. I love to organize and make everything look new so out come the slidders to move furniture , the vacuum and Murphys! Will sit and enjoy it tonight by the little stove with a nice glass of wine and soft music!  Enjoy your cabin fever time!