DeEtta Beebe’s passion is fabrics and textiles. An accomplished and respected rug hooker, she has taken the craft in a unique direction by deftly blending primitive folk art with a contemporary flair. The simplicity of her subjects contrast beautifully against the complexity of the medium in a style that’s all her own. There are few mediums that respond so dramatically to light, texture, and color as does fabric, and DeEtta has slowly mastered the synthesis of these elements, continuing to experiment and press the limits. She hand-dyes her own wool to gain the most creative control over the finished product, crafting only the most authentic pieces of textile artwork.deetta-2-1

DeEtta’s passion for wool-working extends beyond her time in the studio. She has an enthusiasm for teaching the primitive craft to other artists-at-heart, and her classes are the best way to get hands-on experience with the unique medium.

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  1. What a beautiful website. I miss you and I am so proud of you – dear neighbor! I hope to be a student of yours one day. Have a great winter……..Sheron


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