The Work Behind Creating A Rug

What goes on behind the rug pattern for a rug ?
To begin with the artist needs an inspiration before they begin . An inspiration comes in many forms : an experience , a quick glance that is captured in the memory , a heart touching piece of music , a memory of a family member or friend , an experience that touched you , your world around you . This type of art is created in ones heart not just copying another’s work .

It not always comes quickly or easily as it is like reading good poetry to discover the real meaning held within . This where I come from in my creations most of the time . Using my own style to put on paper is the second step . Then onto making it work for a rug pattern .

Size depends on where and how it will be used . Art is to be shared and displayed for your enjoyment and inspiration for others . Will it go on the floor , a wall , a table , a bed , clothing , on a couch , above a door , a foot stool ? Many possibilities to consider . Will it be a gift? Consider their interest and favorite colors . Now we need to color plan deciding size and color , values to separate one from the other etc .
Jump in the dye pot and create the color plan mixing pigments by very carefully adding the right amount to create the perfect value .

Wash and dry the wool to be cut . Depending on the size and detail of the pattern will depend on how wide the cut of the strips being used . The narrower the strip the more detail can be added for realism or to 1” torn strips for a utilitarian look .

Now onto hooking determining placement of wool .

There is quite a bit that goes into rug hooking but the technique is quite simple when you get used to using both hands : one under the hooking as a guide and the one on top for pulling your loops above the surface .

Once it is all hooked the edges must be finished , a label added to the back and steamed to set the loops in position .
When purchasing a pattern consider what a designer does to prepare the final execution of a rug .

With this please keep in mind copyright laws . If you wish to use a pattern more than once CONTACT THE DESIGNER FOR THEIR STIPULATIONS FOR THEIR WORK . COURTESY AND RESPECT GO A LONG WAY AND THEY WILL USUAlly work with considerations .

Enjoy the art of rug hooking and sign up for a class and adorn your home with creations in wool !

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