A Fun Time Was Had By All

Rug Braiding Class at Fiddlehead Finery

Eight of us gathered for a braiding class at the studio last week. Terri Schaeffer taught us the technique of adding a finish to our rugs once they were complete or nearly complete.

We started by choosing the wool from shelves stacked with wonderful wool choices, tearing the wool into long strips that were sewn together and braided with the proper equipment and braiding technique.

Everyone’s hands were diligently braiding one strip over the other until they were long enough to go around the edge of the rug. Next was the lacing and the final finish of binding the back. Thanks, Terri, for a great study from DeEtta, Kaz, Karen, Patty, Lainey, Barb, and Chris.

Terri teaching Karen how to begin her braid with her three prepared strips of wool.
DeEtta working diligently on braiding her wool strips.
Kaz busily braiding.
Terri showing Patty how to lay the braid out around her rug before sewing it in place.
Terri showing the class how to attach their finished braids to their hooked rugs

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