The perfect spring day!!

A beautiful day here in Norwood, with the temp at at 73, clear skies, the gentlest breeze and all is at peace. The studio is all in order and several rugs were finished this week. Clothes on the line and the laundry finished.

I love having everything  caught up, at least what is important. Yards of new wool dyed in bright and beautiful colors for the shelves, flowers all planted to add more color to the beds.  Taking a coffee break in the warm sun and being thankful for doing what I love is really bliss.

A dye class with happy dyers, new projects, new visitors to the studio are all inspirations for for more bliss days and new hooking and other finery projects.

While in Wisconsin three weeks ago, my part time residence, I was surprised by a familiar  face about 17 miles from home. It took about 2 sentences to figure out that we both attend the Searsport Hook-in and Manistee workshop. I am so delighted for that moment as now I have a group to hook with in Land o Lakes! See you in a few days Kathie and looking forward to meeting some of the others!

Suit case packed and ready to head out on Sunday with Joanne, Marlene and Kathie for a week of study and fun, fun, fun! I was very fortunate to be able to get into Wanda Kerr’s class. She is the dye Guhru that writes for Rug Hooking magazine.

More posts on all of the fun we are looking forward to, later!

To add to a day of bliss  beautiful flowers in bloom that topped it off!

Be back soon!



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  1. Glad to ser you are staying busy. Sounds like life is treating you well!! I am hooking an antique rug that I drew from somwone holding one at a workshop or class!! Enjoy the summer.

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