William Morris

f055a0a2-ca27-4425-b8e5-217b32c2cc4b  Let me introduce you to an “old friend” that Kitty reminded me of. You know the feeling of seeing an old friend that you have not seen in a while? Well I felt the same way with this William Morris rug that has been on the back burner for some time.

As I gazed at the 8 values of each color in this rug, the memory of my “wool painting” came to the fore front and my hand was once again eager to continue this rendition of a long ago artist, but not forgotten one. To capture his work in color and fiber is a wonderful lesson for the art that I love.

I give tribute to Carolyn Clemens who sadly is not with us, but her memory is worked into this rug. By phone and mail, we executed my color plan for this rug. Carolyn was an expert in dying, and indeed she did so for me on this project. Thank you dear friend!

In conjunction with Gaylord Area Council of the Arts  “One Hundred Days Of Art”, I chose to work on fiber, color,value and inspiration and working on my William Morris rug again.

Along with needle in hand, I started a daily journal again of inspiration and meditation that stirs my creative process. I am glad I challenged myself for this one hundred days of art

Welcome to the studio of creativity including, artists who inspire, various needles, a wide variety of fibers, textures and colors!

William Morris was a leader in the Arts and Crafts movement during the middle 18oo’s. He was a break through  from the Victorian period and very popular today. He was a textile artist as well as many other areas of the Arts.  A special thank you to William also!

Happy creating everyone. Until the next posting, from DeEtta at the studio of Fiddlehead Finery!



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  1. William Morris has long been a favorite of mine. I love his designs and the ideals behind his work and the English Arts and Crafts movement as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. A movement that is respected again today. A turning away from mass produced items to celebrating the handmades. Can’t wait to see your rug in person!!

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