When was the last time you really felt tranquil?

Tranquility is a state of peacefulness that transcends you to your inner self. It is such an important part of who we are and what we need, not only for our health but also our creativity. Take the time to go away to a quiet place and meet with your self! Here is the gold mine of creativity. For each one of us it is a haven for whatever we are seeking to create a balance in our lives.

I took this time frequently this summer not far from home to listen and touch the beauty all around me. I discovered so much: clouds in another whole way, trickling streams n rivers, the feel of stones on my bare feet,color, new friends and trying new ways to express myself through art.

This peacefulness is a new way of really seeing what I am looking at.  Taking in what is right near me and inspiring. The creek that flows through the Jordon Valley here in Northern Michigan whispers in my memory so vivid and real that it allows me enter my creative world that I am looking to discover. Another part of who is “ME” !

This summer the dye pots revealed a new joy and also simple pieces of hooking that make me happy and creative in a new way!

Take the time to discover “YOU”  in your time away!

Share the difference in your art with us here on my blog! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Keep being inspired and enjoy the art of Hooking!

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