And Happy we are!!!   Girl fun, girl play, girl creativity!

We started the morning off with some color theory in understanding color and the color wheel.  Terminology of describing color and how we use it for everything in life. “The brain rejects what is not in balance”, but what do we do to balance it? We played with wool, color charts and dyes, first understanding  our base color and design on the wool.  The pots were boiling, the oven on and everyone was anxious to play. Aprons on, loud chatter, oohs and ahhs and ready to go!

We used 3 of the many methods for dying: spot dying in the oven, trans dying in a pan and set in the oven, and stove top in a large kettle.  The results were wonderful and like children, they absorbed new and some complex techniques , even while the chatter and laughter were non stop!

Happy Hookers!

Their creations of art where hung on the line and modeled for all! Looking forward to see how they use the wool in their hooking!

Great day, Holly, Deb, Marlene, Kathy and Ellen! We will dye happy!

New dye classes with natural ingredients will follow.

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