Wiggle Bird

Wiggle Bird

Wiggle Bird

An old pattern that just is fun an light hearted to do. I love the folk art and bright colors that bring whimsey to the art piece. It so fun to create and see just what flows from the mood you are in. Art is an expression of your soul and is it always in the same place? This is the dance of life!

Well the studio is organized and cleaned with fresh hangings and furniture arrangement (nothing new for me)! I will go down in the archives as a person who changes her furniture every week. YES! It is creating for me.

Artist North is a group of artist who gather at a wonderful building with views of Lake Michigan and over looking the Charlevoix area. Stop by, you not only will enjoy the space created for us in nature but other artist who display and sell  their work as an addition to Baer Studio on 31 south of Charlevoix. Ray and Tammy are the most gracious people who live their art and share their life with all of us who are involved in this wonderful growing group of artists.

I will be demonstrating my form of fiber art, Hooking and welcoming guests that come from near and far. We hope to see you there, you cannot miss it! The red school house just 9 miles south of Charlevoix and north of Torch Lake.

Yes life is busy this time of year and I am getting the inside projects finished so I can get to the outside so everything is in order for guest to Fiddlehead Finery’s Studio.

I stacked a large pile of cut an split wood for the winter next year and raked my flower beds and everything is popping!  Windows washed, a new class has begun with dimensional hooking.  I love to see how these students just take off with color and texture and create their “own” design from my patterns as well as theirs. It is so wonderful to have this space called “Fiddlehead Finery” to share with creative people.

If you are traveling this spring or summer make sure you call and make a visit! All are welcome!

Have a great spring day. Off to hook on Wiggle Bird and have guests over that are going to the Trout Unlimited Banquet in Gaylord this evening. I am so looking forward to getting that line in the water again and enjoying the tranquil peace of a flowing river. Not to mention that special moment when I hook that beautiful fish. Admire him and probably let him go.

Next week I am heading to Alabama to visit good friends and take in the southern culture! I will keep you posted on the new activity that will transpire soon!

Take time to hook and smell the flowers.





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