Being in ones space alone, brings new beginnings by finishing what has already been started. This Magdalena Style Folk art rug was started last Feb and now finished and in it’s new home in the kitchen.Only the artist knows exactly what each figure stands for and how it was executed it on linen. A little help from Magdalena to get me thinking!

I love the folk art style as it goes against the grain of all that I have done because it gives me a new freedom to create “just because” and not because I think it all needs to be perfect.

Out the door with perfectionism when it comes to what I am aiming at in life and I am on a journey of discovery. One of creativity to see what is within my authentic self and find myself there.

These past few months have been difficult but so rewarding as time has given me the opportunity to see what is important and that is the JOURNEY!

“A Road Back To Yourself’ by Joan Anderson has encouraged me to take the break I need to regain my emotional balance not only in my personal world but my creative world. Life is to be enjoyed and now that the children have been gone for many years and have happy lives of their own, it is time to be for myself. I can communicate that in my hooking if I let go of all the expectations that life has had on me. What am I waiting for? Someone else’ demands or rigid ones I impose on myself?

In Joan’s words ” I have been rushing in a straight line, pushing forward in a straight line, pushing onward and upward to goals set most often by other people, against whom I’ve been measuring myself”.

The hooking world is one of the ways I can find what and who I am by this means of communicating. We are never there but I promise to learn from all heart ache, find the good, give thanks for the journey and embark on a new day!

There is much activity as I begin the packing for my trip south to vend and teach at Searsport Hook In  In Punta Gorda at the Charlotte Convention Center. New products will be available in my booth to embellish our rug hooking, from dyed ribbon, to DREADS and more. Thursday Feb 26 at 10:00 I will doing a demo for embellishing your rugs.

I will be vending at the Naples Quilt Guild Quilt Show in Naples on March 6 and 7. Try adding wool to your quilting… Do it just because you want to try it!

Off to the closet for summer clothes and a suit case !!!

See you soon!  DeEtta



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