My Creative Night In The Studio

IMG_1427Well I did have a nice creative night in the studio. I went to a basket of already cut noodles and found what inspired me for a tea cozy. I find I enjoy the spontainious  times more fulfilling. With needle and hook and leftover linen and a variety of colors I have a small tea cozy that I will enjoy for a long time.

I decided to make a 1 1/2 cup tea pot cozy instead of a large pot size. I only drink about the small one at a time any way. I used cording for the rounded edge which gives it a nice finished look. To ensure no backing is showing between the cording and hooking, from wrong side, press seam allowance to the middle of hooking. It snugs right up and fits nicely.

Now comes the job I really do not like doing but will not procrastinate in making the soft lining to hold the heat in. I sewed a double folded strip of wool in a loop to attach on top for removing.If you would like to do one, look in your craft box or drawer of little items, add a round curtain ring or bobble from a piece for broken jewelry.

well so far I have kept my promise to myself and post often. Now that I had my college student come give me a few lessons on posting I need to practice often and get it in the “brain”. I really am a right brained person and need to see what and how things need to be done….sooo, two so far!

hope everyone uses this “in time” to create and finish old projects and create new. I finished an over the door mat last night by finishing with crochet edge. It is a new pattern of mine called Enough For Two. It is two little foxes facing each other with a cherrie tree between them. This was inspired by 2 little guys who ran up and don the side of my street all summer long with no fear. The cherry orchards are just up the hill so it came to fruition!

Getting ready for my studio open house on Saturday from 1-3 so out there for the rest of the day to hang and arrange more mats and rugs. I love to organize and make everything look new so out come the slidders to move furniture , the vacuum and Murphys! Will sit and enjoy it tonight by the little stove with a nice glass of wine and soft music!  Enjoy your cabin fever time!


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