Magalena Style Rug

Creature Comforts coming along but not finished!

Spring is here with all the bulbs up and ready to bloom for Mothers Day! Rainy for another week in Northern Michigan so the hook will be pulling those strips of wool to finish “Creature Comforts”!
What a fun rug to design and hook. All of the little critters I love along with ferns and flowers that are native to my area in the north.
Most of the strips were hand cut in this rug and hooked on Warp Cloth. I love working on this foundation for large strips, especially a size 8 and above. Many of the strips are an inch and gathered from a large box of leftovers from other projects.
This an be a challenge hooking a folk art style rug when you have been trained to make everything “just so”. It is very liberating! Use what is on hand, hand cut your strips and don’t think too much about what colors go where. If you have never done a folk art rug, give yourself a little challenge and just enjoy the hook in hand with what you have!


Magalena Style Rug

“Creature Comforts”

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