Do You See What I See?

This rug was inspired by a drawing of mine, that was in a folder, just waiting for me to turn into a rug. Well over the course of this year it was completed.
I wanted it simple but shaded in a wide cut. Most of the strips are in an 8 or 9. The sheep are done in a 4 and 5 with thick and then yarn for texture.
I pulled out a basket of dyed golds for the hills and greens for the grass in the foreground.Deeper contrasting shades of browns defined the rolling hills.
The subject matter goes with our well known Christmas song “Do You See What I See”. The French born Noel Regney wrote this song in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. He was very upset with thoughts of being close to death by the Naziz. It was close to Christmas, a time of peace and happiness.
One night as he was walking the streets of N.Y he observed two mothers walking their babies in strollers. The babies were looking at each other and smiling! This was the inspiration for the song. He always wanted to write a Christmas song and bring joy to the hearts of others, especially this Christmas! They reminded him little lambs. thus the song began “Said the night wind to the little lamb”.

(for the full article go to Atha Magazine, Dec issue, pg 20 21)


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