Last Fall Harvest



The last fall harvest I gathered fruits that I want to experiment with in dying. The colors are beautiful and would like to capture them as is, but there is more than what meets the eye!
Wild grapes were hard to spot when all the leaves have fallen off of the vines and they are hidden against same values of late fall.The rich deep colors of grapes yield quite a bit of juice. I cooked down enough for a batch of grape jelly and a quart of juice for dying.
After scouring the countryside I found sumac at it’s peak with it.s deep crimson red berries that appear as velvet and feel that way also. I cooked a large bag. Adding quite a bit of water for moisture, the results of color looks yummy. It will come out a soft reddish brown.
The large walnut tree in the back yard offered a bucket of walnuts for a deep black brown. I love to use it in very light values.
Now to the dye pot to see the results. Maybe next year I will start sooner.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

– DeEtta

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